Insulation and Energy Management

SIG is the largest supplier of insulation products in Europe. The Group is the market leader in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland and the leader in industrial insulation in France.

Insulation products have three main applications, being thermal management, which has the most widespread use, fire protection and sound control.

The main demand drivers are reducing energy consumption and increasingly stringent Government regulation across Europe aimed at lowering energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With regulations becoming more complex, customers are increasingly reliant upon the expert advice only a specialist distributor such as SIG can provide, with its sales and technical staff receiving continual training in the latest legislation, building methods, products and applications. The Group also works closely with manufacturers to introduce wide ranges of new, specialist, sustainable products to progress innovative building methods.

SIG has built upon its extensive experience in the industrial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning insulation market to develop into the adjacent and complementary area of air handling and air conditioning, with activities spread across eight countries in Europe. This market offers excellent growth prospects driven by increasing regulation on thermal efficiencies in the non-residential environment.