Our strategy

SIG has a clear strategy to grow in its three core markets of Insulation and Energy Management, Exteriors and Interiors by combining the reputational strengths of its local brands with the scale efficiencies and knowhow of a multinational group.

SIG strategy diagram

Our strategic levers

The Group has identified three key strategic levers on which it is focusing to deliver its goal of improved operational and financial performance: Customer Service; Customer Value; and Operational Efficiency. By concentrating on only a small number of short term priorities, the Group can ensure discipline around delivery on each priority and ensure that the transformation is embedded through the whole organisation, right down to branch level.

Our short term focus on operational improvement will ensure that SIG maintains its leading market positions in its three core markets of insulation & interiors, roofing & exteriors and air handling, while maintaining our reputation for customer service, technical excellence and added value, and delivering sustainable growth to Shareholders.

This step change in performance will be driven by a closer focus on operational and capital discipline in markets that offer limited front office synergy and modest top-line growth. SIG aims to simplify the portfolio and enable a strong balance sheet, targeting a headline financial leverage of less than 1.0x in the medium term, to protect the business from any market downturn.

These strategic levers will ensure that SIG focusses on being a market leading, operationally excellent and low cost-toserve provider in its core distribution markets.

Key strategic enablers

Successful execution will require us to invest in three key strategic enablers.

SIG aims to focus on reducing the cost of IT service delivery but maintaining flexibility and choice. Investment will be made in technology and systems that will help improve our understanding of our customers and our products.

Access to and the use of data is crucial in delivering on SIG’s strategy. By investing in the right tools that will improve reporting capabilities, management will have the right information in the right place at the right time to make more informed decisions quicker.

One of the key differentiators of SIG is its talented, loyal, committed people, and their success is our success. SIG aims to raise the talent levels of all individuals within the organisation, through tailored training and development of existing employees to support the strategy. We will develop our capability by investing in our skilled and talented people.

Overall this will allow SIG to become more agile and flexible in a changing world.

Delivering our strategy

To deliver our strategy, we have provided clarity of purpose to the organisation and we are tracking real and measurable actions to support highly disciplined execution. This requires us to simplify, reduce complexity and get the basics right to provide our customers with what they need in the simplest possible way; to focus on the execution of customer service, customer value and operational efficiency by concentrating on what we do best; and to deliver, by owning our strategy and building on our potential.

Stronger together