Graduate development

As an SIG graduate you will be challenged to take on responsibility early in your career and will be encouraged to develop your knowledge of many key areas of our business. Our two year development programme creates a platform for you to advance your personal development, whilst gaining valuable business experience, ready for an exciting future with SIG.

We put all of our graduates through a development programme consisting of six experiential modules over the course of two years. These modules are designed to develop your skills and abilities in the desired graduate competencies as well as significantly increase your effectiveness and value to the business. The highly experiential nature of the modules gives you a chance to test your learning in a safe environment before taking it back to the workplace.

During the programme you will complete an individual business challenge, building on your entrepreneurial and influencing skills, and encouraging you to make a real difference to the business. You will also be tasked with completing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenge, promoting SIG in the local community and positively impacting on our environment.

Our graduate programme encourages you to take personal responsibility for your own development; it is designed to stretch you and to give you opportunities to influence and network with senior decision makers.

At SIG we believe that graduates are key to the future development of our company; do you have what it takes to help us get there?