SIG Poland offset carbon emissions with tree planting scheme

Published: Tuesday 7 January 2013


As part of its plans to help reduce carbon emissions, SIG Poland has developed an EKO project where a tree is planted each time a new vehicle is purchased.

The project raises environmental awareness in its staff and encourages its employees’ families to become involved. All trees that are given to staff to plant come with the message: "We plant trees which absorb the CO2 that our vehicles produce."

The project was originally launched in summer 2011 and has been successfully supported ever since. Bogumila Czernecka, Fleet Manager, SIG Poland, explains: “The basis of the programme is we plant a tree every time we bring a new car or fork-lift truck into use. The employees who receive new trees together with their cars are very enthusiastic about the idea.

“We have also started up another EKO project where each employee receiving a new car also undergoes EKO Driving Training.”

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