SIG operates an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental ("HS&E") management system. The Board Director responsible for its implementation is the Chief Executive, who is the signatory on the Group's HS&E Policy which is displayed at each location throughout the Group in the local language.

SIG's UK operations are certified by the international environment standard ISO 14001.  The principles of this standard form the basis of the approach to environmental matters across the Group.

SIG maintains its Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register and the Corporate Environmental Risk Assessment to record and assess the principal environmental hazards within the Group. These evaluations formed part of the 2015 Management Review process for each business. The Group has continued its excellent record of legal compliance and environmentally sound operations throughout 2015 with no prosecutions or actions from the authorities.

The emphasis for the Group's environmental objectives for 2015 are derived from its Low Carbon Business Policy, which sets out its aim to reduce the amount of fuel, energy and water consumption as well as reduce the waste it produces.  The progress made by the business is covered later in this report

Corporate responsibility report