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SIG Germany GmbH is Germany's leading specialist for system building materials in the areas of floor, wall, ceiling, roof and special systems, with a turnover of several hundred million euros per year.

SIG Germany is part of the international group SIG plc, and possesses a nationwide network of companies in Germany and Austria that operate under the following names:

WeGo Systembaustoffe GmbH, WeGo Systembaustoffe Austria GmbH and VTI.

WeGo Systembaustoffe GmbH and its brands WeGo Systembaustoffe and VTI encompass the areas of drywall, building construction, facades and technical insulation.

Customers are attended to by qualified SIG employees at over 90 locations. SIG Germany customers can rely on our first-rate service, expert technical advice, product expertise, maximum product availability and fast delivery at all times.


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